What are the new rich cards by Google?

Google introduced Rich cards. Rich cards are a new Search result format like rich snippets.

Rich cards use schema.org structured markup to display content in engaging and visual format and provides a better mobile user experience.

Evolution of search results for queries like [peanut butter cookies recipe]: with rich cards, results are presented in carousels that are easy to browse by scrolling left and right. Carousels can contain cards all from the same site or from multiple sites.

For site owners, this is an opportunity to stand out in Search results and attract more targeted users to your page.

For example, if you have a recipe site, you can build a richer preview of your content with a prominent image for each dish. This visual format helps users find what they want right away, so you’re getting users who specifically want the recipe you have.

Google started to show rich cards for two content categories: recipes and movies. They will appear initially on mobile search results in English for google.com.

Search Console Rich Cards report.


How to monitor Rich card performance

A new “Rich results” filter in Search Analytics (currently in a closed beta) will help you track how your rich cards and rich snippets are doing in search: you’ll be able to drill down and see clicks and impressions for both.


Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Introducing rich cards

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