How to build a successful facebook group

How many Facebook Groups have you joined that you have forgotten already? If you’re like me, that number might be quite high!

Rolling out a Facebook group is the easiest thing to do and anyone can roll out a group in minutes after thinking a topic. The real test starts when you got users.

As an entrepreneur, you build a community for your users and it is pretty obvious, but it might take months or years before they buy. I think the first step should be to develop a relationship and remember to be grateful to people who are giving you their time because everyone else is out there to get their attention.

Few Proven Ways To Build A Strong Community in a Facebook Group 

Make everyone feel important and welcomed

If you’re looking for ways to create a really engaged community, roll out the red carpet for them. You can do things like personally welcome everyone to the group as they join. You can also do things like wish every single one of the group members a Happy Birthday when the notification comes up in your Facebook notifications.

Keep Consistency with Your Posts

You should be posting every single day. Especially in social media and on Facebook there’s so much content out there and the way the algorithm is set up you have to be putting out more stuff. Because the News Feed will eventually push that content down.

Make your content relevant to your group

“When it comes to content that works on Facebook, I found that a couple of things work the best. One is emotional and personal posts do really well. When you’re real and honest with people. In terms of likes and shares, the video is killing it right now. Especially Live video. They want users to do more of that and so you’re seeing the more Live video pop up in your stream.”

Create Conversation and keep them going

create conversations all day on Facebook and pretty much respond to everything. you can  miss some for sure, but even if it’s something as small as an “awesome” or a ‘Like’ – That totally makes a huge difference.

Make your Facebook Page a place where there are constant conversation and ideas being shared.

Hope these ideas help you in managing your facebook page.


  1. Hey,
    Amazing article! but how do you engage the users in a conversation? I trying few different combinations for this.People are hesitating to comment or nourish with the contents.

    What would you suggest, as a strategy for this?

    • Thanks Joby,
      I found if i engage users, it did not work many times, but if some other active user is participating, people are more actively participating and engaged with content. It is my observation only , i di not do any experiment to assure this. You can also try.

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