SEO for Bloggers: How to optimize your blog for the search engine?

So you had your AHA moment and started a blog with lots of zeal. “You have to nail it”, “be a star of your Niche and start traveling to exotics places”. Yeah, I know the grind.
Running your own blog is one of the best things that can happen to the mankind. (Enough said)

So the next big thing that you have to deal with after all the grind of starting a blog is, How to rank on Google, A big question with a smallish answer, SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

 How to optimize your blog for the search engine?

Optimization your blog post begin as early as the idea of the blog itself. Let me put it in more comprehensible list format.

Step 1: What is the Goal of the Blog posts?

Why in the first place this does blog exist? Who are the people who will be benefitted from this blog? why are you writing this blog or post? What are the metrics by which you are going to determine the success of this blog, Traffic, people came in, Engagement, people came in and read it, social shares- to reach new audiences?  You need to have a metric and need to record it.

Remember the quote from the management guru Peter Drucker

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Step 2: Who are the people you need to reach?

Quite related to the step 1, but you have to know that for whom this post is about? Are you writing for potential new readers,  or for your fans, or influencers, who can send your message to the big world out there? Or it may be for the specific audience. once you determine it, you will be able to focus more on them.

Step 3: Do your keyword research

Now you are ready to go SEO friendly, once you determine your audience, you may be able to think like them and understand what they will be typing in the google to search for a problem, that you are providing solutions to.

These are the keywords, holy grail of all search engine optimization. The logic behind the keywords is very simple. try to add those words to the post, which are being searched by your target audience. try to focus on 3 – keywords/terms/phrases with the same searcher intent. The searcher intent means the people who are trying to accomplish the same goal are using these terms. For eg. “healthy recipes for diabetics” or “sugar-free recipe”.  The searcher intent needs to be matched with the content.

The best way of doing it to put yourself in the user’s shoes and try to think like him. Type the phrases into google search bar and Google will show you all the variations people used for the same query.


You can also use more sophisticated methods for keyword research, but i think you can nail the searcher intent. everything else is fine.

Step 4: Do your competitive research

Do some research to get the answers to these questions. Who else is ranking for these keywords? what are there unique selling point on this topic? What value can I add? How can i make this better, what already exists?

Step 5: Create your post

Now is the time to start writing your post. Now that your goals, target audience, and also you know that what people are looking for, and what is already available on this topic. Now whatever you will produce will have greater potential to reach its audience and perform well. Think about the images, graphs, videos, and all the other things you need with this post. If you find that some people already did some great content on this topic, reference them.

Step 6: Fix your On-page SEO

The On-page SEO is something that you do on your post page to make it Search engine friendly.

You remember that you did a keyword research of 3-5 phrases in step 3. Now is the time to take those terms and put them in the page title, headline, and URL. Make use of related secondary keywords and wrap them in the blog post content itself. Do not make these additions look stuffed meaninglessly  Use these keywords in the meta description and Image alt tags and image titles.

If you have any other post related to this post or can be referred. Link those post to the new one. this is called as internal linking.

Step 7: Experiment, learn and repeat

Now comes the best part. once your blog is published, what is the plan to send it out to the world?

You know who is your target audience, now try where you can find them? how to promote your content to them? Social media, forums, commenting on other blogs can be a good plan.


This is not something where you follow this process and you have instant results with your first post. That’s not the case. No one has that in blogging. That’s just not how it works. You’re going to launch, promote, analyze, apply the information that you learn, and launch again. This process is going to happen over and over, and the more you learn and apply, the better you’re going to get at this system.

Bon Voyage!


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