A tip to become a client magnet, write for a single customer!

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intrigue by heading? No, this is not another clickbait. This is an advice given by none other than Deepak Kanakraju, who is himself a very successful digital marketer and Client magnet himself. Read on.

Find Your Tribe

You know that when I started my blog. I had this conviction that I will write very “good” content and people will love me and come in hordes to my blog. I wrote content and ….. no one is visiting my blog, if visiting, they are not staying long or coming back. Do you know why?

Or maybe this happens with you also, keep reading, because I found the reason and solution for it now. Create a customer persona to target the right people from your niche. The people who are actually your “Tribe”.

What is a “Customer Persona”

“Do you know why people are not reading your blog or visiting your website?”

Answer me one question now … Do you know who is your target customer? who are the people you want to visit your website, read your blog or buy things you are selling? Do you know who you are targeting? Take your little sweet time, scratch your head and write it down in a notepad. Try to think hard, who is that one person, who is your ideal reader or buyer.

Done it? This is what is called “Customer Persona” in the marketing world.

Why do we need to know about “Customer Persona”?

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

Marketing Guru Peter Drucker

When you offer something that is aligned to the need of people, you do not have to sell, people will buy it themself. When you know your customers, you know there needs, their challenges, their problems and know what they may be looking for now and if you know it, you will offer a personalized solution that caters to their immediate need and they will grab it. You need not to hard sell.

For example, when you travel in public transport like a bus or train, a salesman selling water bottles, tea and snack sell well in a comparison of booksellers or jewelry sellers., because they are catering to the immediate needs.

A perfect recipe to create a Customer Persona

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  • Start thinking of your own, But it may be possible you start thinking everyone is your target client/customers. But they are not.
  • Start from age group, Interests, education, where they live, income group, students, working professionals or businessmen, gender, income group. mode of travel. You get the drift.
  • Think as much as you can to get a picture of your target customer. This is your customer persona.
  • Once you have done it in your head, put it on the paper. keep aside
  • The next step is to create a survey form based on this information.
  • Forms.google.com is the best and free way to create a form and your survey form will be created in a few minutes.
  • Share this form to your prospective clients, worry not, I know that you have none if you are just starting, but you do have friends, colleagues, Social media friends, send them this form and fret not even if 4-5 people fill it, you can confirm that you are on the right track on creating your customer persona.
  • From that result, you create an Avatar, a fictitious character or maybe 2 or 3. which represents the ideal target audience who are your tribe and now you can start customizing your content and offers for this Avatar, based on their need and wants.

How I cooked up a perfect Customer Avatar or Persona.

Here is a quick and tested recipe of how I came up with my customer avatar. I am a big fan of baking and I started my journey of baking a few years back and I learned online, made mistakes and burnt a few cookies here and few undercook cakes there. To keep a record of my learning and what worked for me and what did not, I started a baking group and started sharing tips and tricks and recipes over there. I started with me and my sisters in that group ( Yes siblings and cousins are your first dummy customers, who do not pay :D, but great to experiment ). After a while, I started getting requests from people all over the world to join this group. Now we have 45K +People from South Africa, the USA, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

To cut the story short, I was worried about the quality of people in this group and lately started getting a lot of spam, so I wanted to keep only those who are people like me, having a real love of baking and want to learn and ready to share the knowledge. In summary, I need to create an ideal persona or Avatar for this group to cater to them well. I created a short survey for the group and shared it with them. You can find this survey here https://forms.gle/nJ4kQ1UZbedPNdZP9

From the result of that form and insights from FB group ( I got age group, city, country data) I created my Customer Avatar as this.

Customer Avatar, Buyers persona

Serve Your Customer with Authentic Conversation

I have a few more customer avatar created based on the data I collected, but I believe you get the idea. Now All my marketing conversations will be around this avatar. I can connect with ‘Priya’ on a personal level as I know her. I know what she needs at this point and how I can connect to her one to one mental conversation through marketing emails etc.

Marketing is all about conversation

Deepak kanakaraju – Digital Marketing consultant and blogger

Converse well with one person to converse well with many persons. An authentic conversation is a key to success in marketing as people do not want to hear from a logo or fake people. Focus on a single person, his needs and cater to his wants, as everyone is connecting to you through mobile or computer as a single entity, they are alone and looking for a tailor-made solution in place of generic suggestions. That is why you need to have a target persona. As a marketer join their conversation in their minds.

This recipe serves all Marketers who are still looking to connect with their clients. Approach to the right client at a time saves time to do more and for that, you need to know who is the RIGHT CLIENT for you. if I summaries it in simple steps.

  • Create a target persona of your client
  • Approach them with personalized and custom messages.

Thank You for reading this blog. This blog is a part of an internship assignment series for Deepak Kanakaraju aka DigitalDeepak.com

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